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Automower - #1 Robotic Lawnmower

Earth Elements Landscape Supply of Irwin PA, Rillton PA is a dealer of the Best Selling Robotic Lawnmower in the industry. The Automower by Husqvarna really is the best solution to keeping your lawn looking perfect. Instead of cutting your lawn once a week or so, this innovative mower cuts your lawn frequently. It maintains your lawn, cutting the grass little by little and without missing spots! It leaves you with ONLY trimming to do. Sounds to good to be true. It's not.

Twenty years of research by Husqvarna has made the Automower a reality.

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  • Handles steep slopes with ease

  • Cuts in the rain

  • No noise like conventional mowers

  • Control the mower up to 33ft away using your smartphone

Innovation at its Best.

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Automower Today!

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We all have our To-do Lists. How would you like to cross off cutting the lawn permanently from yours?


NOW YOU CAN...  with the Automower

Sold at EARTH ELEMENTS Landscape Supply!!

  • The Automower cuts the entire lawn, even complex lawns

  • The mower stays inside your lawn by laying a boundary wire around the perimeter

  • The guide wire leads the Automower back to its charging station.

  • Cuts day and night

  • Senses close objects and automatically slows down

  • Safe around children and pets

  • Built in Theft Alarm

  • Control this Robotic Lawnmower thru Automower Connect

Easy to Set Up! 

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OVER a Million SOLD World-wide!

Razor-Sharp blades cut the grass so finely, the clippings do not need collected. They fertilize the lawn, keeping it healthy and green.


The Automower gets the job done efficiently and perfectly.

Unattended mowing, so you can free up some of your time.

Why spend hours a week maintaining your lawn?

See what the Automower can do for you!

Auto H.H. Lawn Quest GOLD winner