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Delivery is available 6 days a week! SAME-DAY Delivery !!

FIREWOOD  $5 OFF  a Cord-Delivered!

Earth Elements is the top choice for landscape supplies in the North Huntingdon and Irwin, PA area. With over 14 years experience in the landscaping industry, our experienced staff is here to assist customers with turning their landscaping ideas into reality. We also offer delivery services on all of our products.

Contractor and bulk discounts are available, call to inquire.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have regarding

our landscape lighting products. Be sure to inquire about our energy-efficient LED lights!


Contact Earth Elements today at 724-446-5296, or browse the website for more information about retaining walls and patios or landscape lighting.

Our Landscape Supplies Include:

Winter Supplies:

  • Firewood

  • Wood Pellets

  • EZ Bricks

  • Coal

  • Bulk Salt

  • Bagged Salt

  • Calcium

Earth Elements Landscape Supply is Open Year Round!


And We Deliver throughout the Winter Season!

Stop by Either Earth Elements Location to set up your Delivery!!

At Earth Elements

You Get What You Pay For.

We Load with a True 1 Yard Bucket

Beautiful landscape design

All The Supplies You Need To Complete Your Landscape! 

Stop by either Store Location!

  • Fertilizer For Lawns & Shrubs

  • Grass Seed

  • Boulders

  • Fountains & Statuary

  • Flagstone

  • Straw Bales, Straw Netting

  • Weed Block & Fabric

  • Belgium Blocks AND MORE!

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  • OVER a Million Sold Worldwide!

  • Cuts your Entire Lawn!

  • Leaves ONLY Trimming to do!

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MULCH: Chocolate Brown, Black, Red, Natural, Playground

Screened TOPSOIL & Mushroom Compost


2b Gravel


2a Modified

1b Limestone

#3 Limestone 

Manufactured Sand

Mason Sand

Site, 1b limestone 2b small 4 site Site, 3 Limestone Mason Sand 4 site River Rock small 4 site River Rock Med for site Site, Red barn 2b size Site, Rebarn Lrg Sea M for site Sea LRG for site Site, Mocha Site, Arctic Rainbow sm Site, black granite sm Site, firerock small Website MULCH Website Top, Mush

#2 River Rock

MED. River Rock

LRG. River Rock


LRG. Redbarn

Small Redbarn

Small Seashore

MED. Seashore

LRG. Seashore

Mocha Stone

Fire rock

Black Granite

Arctic Rainbow

Black Slate


Website SM seashore


Website Rubber Mulch

Lasts for over a decade! Deters Weeds, Non-toxic

Virtually Maintenance Free - Great Pricing!

Website R4 Rip Rap

R5 Limestone

Website Black Slate

Canadian Blue

Website Canad.Blue
Website boulder pic Dump Truck 30-mulch del. Website Flagstone Peagravel for site River Rock LRG for site Site, 2a small Manf. Sand for site